Technical Writer

Sean’s technical writing falls into three categories:

Producing a training course on Non-Domestic Rates for a specific client.

Authoring student notes and Distance Learning course content on Management modules for professional studies with the IRRV.

Submitting regular articles to the IRRV’s two principal publications – Insight and Benefit magazines.

The articles for the IRRV publications have included year-long series on Leadership and on Change Management, and Sean now writes a regular column in each publication of Benefit.

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Sean's first book was published in July 2008. The phat Controller (A Leadership Handbook) is available to buy on Amazon.

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"Everyone, at whatever level in whatever industry, should take time to read The phat Controller. Concepts and principles should challenge and inspire both established and aspiring leaders. Great read Sean!"Nick Scott, Revenues & Benefits Manager, Rochford District Council