About Sean Langley

Sean Langley is a published author.

He previously spent more than 19 years employed with Local Authorities and has been working as a Business Consultant since 1999.

Sean’s early career saw him employed within Local Government, where he became a fully-qualified member of the Institute of Revenues, Rating & Valuation (IRRV) in 1985.

In 1999, he left permanent employment to begin working as a freelance consultant within that same field. Then joined CPC Project Consultants in 2017.

Over the last 10 years Sean has written some technical products, such as a client-specific training course, had many articles published in his trade journal – some of a technical nature but, most prominently, having year-long series’ carried on the subjects of ‘Leadership’ and ‘Change Management’. His first book “The phat Controller (A Leadership Handbook)” was published in July 2008. Click on the link below to purchase Sean’s book.

Sean has been busy working on a debut novel – phat Coffee is a contemporary drama set against a backdrop of local government – which it is hoped will be published in 2018.

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Sean's first book was published in July 2008. The phat Controller (A Leadership Handbook) is available to buy on Amazon.

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"Everyone, at whatever level in whatever industry, should take time to read The phat Controller. Concepts and principles should challenge and inspire both established and aspiring leaders. Great read Sean!"Nick Scott, Revenues & Benefits Manager, Rochford District Council