In 2008, The phat Controller (A Leadership Handbook) was released and became Sean’s first non-fiction publication.

It had been just 3 years in the making, emerging out of Sean’s contributions as a technical writer.

The phat Controller (A Leadership Handbook) is not a complex study of leadership theories, it is a practical guide based on common-sense. It is a simple read, designed to help provide both management students, and current managers, with real answers to their problems; to make them stop and think; and to point them in the right direction to becoming a 21st Century leader.

It is not just a ‘How to…’ book but, even more a ‘How true !’ book. The techniques discussed will help generate the confidence required to utterly transform a business.

And, why The phat Controller? You will have to read it to find out!!

The book can be purchased from any established retailer, or by using the link below. Sean aims to re-release The phat Controller (A Leadership Handbook) as an e-book in 2015.

In time, Sean aims to pen follow-ups and has a couple of ideas to germinate in order to fulfil that ambition.

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Sean's first book was published in July 2008. The phat Controller (A Leadership Handbook) is available to buy on Amazon.

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"Everyone, at whatever level in whatever industry, should take time to read The phat Controller. Concepts and principles should challenge and inspire both established and aspiring leaders. Great read Sean!"Nick Scott, Revenues & Benefits Manager, Rochford District Council